What Is Our “Art” About

Hi friend, welcome to our little corner of the universe.

This site is run by a bunch of friends – who back in 2014 caught themselves signing up for a crazy adventure. UCL is one of the most challenging universities not only in London but probably in the world.

As classmates, we developed a habit of working together, creating simplified notes and putting the tremendous amount of material in a more understandable, consumable context to help each other out.

This is what we aim to share here with you.

What’s in it for You?

You might be just about to apply for an Engineering course – then have a peak what’s waiting for you! Maybe you are already a uni student and struggling to understand something – have a look, you might find something useful. Or you just want to learn the art of electronics without uni at all? Could totally work!

  • Gain knowledge – skim through our notes, take what you want
  • No Sign Up – Don’t need to log in, just leave a comment if something catches your eye
  • Absolutely Free – There’s too many stupid people around. It is our joy to see you educate yourself

So why do we do this? It is not only good to help others, but it’s also good for us to brush upon our knowledge. Believe me, we don’t remember much at all!

Meet the Boys

We are a bunch of friends who successfully rocked our way through university together in London. Please don’t get us wrong, we are lazy – not master minds. But our success lies in not only last-minute all-nighters in the library but helping each other out in translating the gibberish so we can all understand what the notes are about. Everything is simple if you build it up simply. That’s our aim here.

JaySoftware Genius
Motion/Object detection, hardware-based video encoding
ChrisAnalogue Wizard
RF Circuits, Embedded Systems, Circuit and PCB Design
JorjData Scientist
Renewable Energy, System Analyst, Project Manager at TUSSolution LLC
CsabaTest Engineer
Web design, C# programming, Java Script, Audio Engineering,